Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is a sequence of movements in the passive way, with thumb pressure on energetic points along energy lines to harmonize the body and the flow of energy.
You might call it "yoga for lazy people", because I do all the work and the patient has only to relax and feel the body.
It is a massage of 2 hours and is available by appointment.



1 Thai Massage (2 Hours) : 95 €
Special offer: 4 Thai Massagen (in 2 Month) : 330 €

InTouch® Massage

Wellness and relaxing massage on the massage couch, according to the method "InTouch Massage" with oil.

This includes inner journey after a little dialogue in a deep and gentle massage of the whole body or just back, shoulders, neck and arms, legs or feet if necessary.

Massage can solve not only the muscular tensions, but also
mental and emotional blocks.


1 Oil massage 1h: 55€ / 1,30h: 78€
Special offer: 4 Oil massages 1h (in 2 months): 205