Yoga classes in Neustadt und Hummelsbüttel in a small and international atmosphere.


InTouch massages® or Pregnant      1h    70,-  

InTouch massages® or Pregnant 1,30h   100,- 

+ Preice for room or for the way to you


With the 3 first breaths in the class starts a new vision of whom we are and what is real.

Every movement becomes a way to switch the attention from the outside world to the inner universe.

The rhythm of the breath give the flow to go into sequences of asana.

All these ingredients with the passion that I have to help the person to know how much beautyful they are inside is the recipe to be always new in the life.


Welcome to lilashaktiyoga! Here you can find information on my Yoga courses in Hamburg. The classes I currently offer are Yoga and Yoga Dance. In the Yoga classes, the Asana are in the Hatha Yoga style. As part of the class, we also practise Vinyasa (synchronised movement and breathing), Pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation.

Yoga dance mixes free movement with Yoga in continuous flowing movements.

I also offer Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga workshops and seminars. For information on the yoga classes, Thai massage and workshops that I offer, please select from the menu above.

Close your eyes for a moment and bring attention to this at this moment, every moment when we are going through, whatever happens in and out.

.... After a few minutes or when we feel, open the eyes: everything to which we attach part of the past, every thing we want is part of the future, listening and self-discovery is the present, time, because it is in this that we discover who we are.

I always like to repeat to those who ask me what is yoga, which is used to getting what we need, not what we want in mind, but what we need from our internal energy level.

In the Yoga classes we use asanas to eliminate toxins from our system, meditation to cultivate silence and connect directly with our source.

What we know of material: the body, senses, mind, emotions and every movement free the Goddess Shakti and allowing it to flow let our own kind of dance, feeling the energy and free from obstacles.

Shakti with his divine power comes to unite with Shiva, the super consciousness, and these two dynamic forces together dance, creating an infinity universal intelligence (lila).

Hence the name lilashakti ... I am aware that our core is in harmony with the universe and it's nice to get the path to this understanding.